R&D: an endless tale

The last yards to finalize the backpack design.

That’s it, our goal is reached: a backpack that is 100% finalized, reliable, thought-out down to the very last detail. The Cordura® fabric is even stronger (it’s a 1200D Army!), the dorsal foam has been padded three times, the 3D design of aluminum hooks has been anodized, zippers have been redesigned to be easily gripped in any circumstances, seams and patterns have been thoroughly adjusted for a perfect design… and we even go further: neat design and premium materials are the rule, not an option! The last six months were key for product finalization and production. That meant 182,5 days of running between engineering offices, production sites, laboratories and inspection agencies. That meant a lot of laughter and tears, wins and tries so that once it’s on your back, your backpack gives you a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Flawless.

It’s time for production.

For this, we can rely on our loyal partners who work hard on the last adjustments. In parallel, it’s time to optimize processes and production methods so we can stick to our timeline and meet our quality standards. Despite those unexpected and unique times, we are confident: we chose to partner with experts in their respective fields. Those men and women are talented, passionate, and they never give up – just like us. Some of those professionals are based in our region (North side!), others are on the other side of the earth: we juggle carriers, jet lags and logistic challenges so that in April 2021, we will receive all parts for the final assembly line in Valenciennes… Mental and material preparation are essential to get in the starting blocks!

No room for amateurs here.

Jérémy is a pro. He’s our IT technician and chief webmaster. Thanks to him, our website is completely aligned with our brand: an urban style with a minimalist touch and avant-garde content. Get comfy, take a deep breath and let yourself flow into our timeless universe where we’ll be thrilled to offer our BLACKOUT range starting summer 2021.

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