In practical terms, when will you be able to get your own backpack ?

Our team and partners are working hard to save time on our schedule.
Two dates should be remembered:
  • 30th of October at 6:30 pm: because many of you have requested it, we give special access to our newsletter subscribers: you’ll be able to purchase backpacks from our 1rst production batch on priority.
  • 1rst of November, 2021 at 6:30 pm: official online store opening. Subject to stock availability.

Mais alors, où pourrez-vous le trouver ?

Les sacs seront en ligne sur notre site, bien évidemment. Mais pas seulement. Nous aimons rencontrer nos clients, échanger avec eux et recueillir leur avis en live. Alors nous invitons toutes celles et tous ceux qui sont impatients de nous rencontrer et visiter en exclu notre workshop de venir récupérer leur colis directement au sein de nos locaux, basés à Valenciennes (59). 

If you love shopping in-store, you will soon find us at select partners. You will find us at retailers that are specialized in motor vehicles, electric bikes, design, extreme/urban sports and luggage. 

What’s the budget for an ERODE backpack?

There will be different prices as we will have different offers with or without options. The backpack will automatically be provided with a removable tote bag: MINIMAL or SMART. Two lumbar pads will be optional. It will still be possible to order the tote bag or lumbar pads separately. 

Le The starting price will be 440 euros taxes included. This will be for the Blackout Minimal offer: a backpack + a MINIMAL tote back. Our Premium offer will be priced at 570 euros taxes included. For this budget, you will get the backpack + the SMART tote bag + two lumbar pads.  

Those two options enable you to build your ideal backpack: you can choose options immediately or add them later.