General Frequently Asked Questions about ERODE :

Where does ERODE come from?

Our products are created and developed in France. The Erode head office is located in the Transalley technology hub of Famars, which specializes in urban mobility innovations.

Our industrial partners :

CDF PLAST (Douai) - expert in automobile, aerospace and railway plastic injection.

DOURDIN (Lille) – expert in decorative and protective films in the automobile and two-wheeled vehicles industries.

NIDAPLAST (Valenciennes) - expert in polymer manufacturing for motorcycle and sports equipment. They manufacture our honeycomb back panel which is already used by the greatest MotoGP pilots.

FIDLOCK (Germany) – expert in fastening systems and magnetic hooks in the luggage industry.

Who designs ERODE products?

Julien Guéry is ERODE’s founder and has been a motorcycle rider for over a decade. Julien surrounds himself with mostly French partners with various expertise: design offices, designers, manufacturers, labs, ergonomics research institutes… ERODE products are the fruit of years-long collaborative work with the best experts.

Our commercial partners:

WTF (Lille): our communications agency in charge of photo/video content production for the brand and products.

Motoblouz (Carvin): France’s #1 online retailer of motorcycle gear. The team supported us during our final development stage and is now supporting us for our market launch.

What does the ERODE logo mean?

The ERODE logo embodies our three watchwords: security, through its shield shape; ergonomics, through its geometry that mirrors the trunk of the human body and the spinal cord structure; minimalism, through its refined design: our protective backpack is indeed a timeless piece that you will never get tired of.

Has ERODE won any prize or award?

At the launch of ERODE, its founder was awarded First Prize of the 2018 Hainaut Entrepreneurship Network. ERODE was also awarded First Prize of the 2018 Start Up in Motion contest.

Does ERODE hold the patents of its products?

Yes. ERODE’s protective backpack concept is protected by a patent for its technical innovations in terms of security and ergonomics.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BLACKOUT protective backpack : 

What’s behind the price of the ERODE backpack?

Behind the price of our backpack lay several elements: four years of research and development; dozens of morphological and anatomical studies were conducted with back specialists (osteopaths, physiotherapists, traumatologists and various scientists) and engineers.

Our tight collaboration with fifty French partners and suppliers: this took a lot of time and energy, but that’s the price we were willing to pay in order to partner with the best.

We put an emphasis on perfect upstream planning in order to secure a smooth production and provide you with the highest-quality backpack. The choice of composite materials with remarkable performances, used by the best experts in the military and aeronautical industries.

A complex textile production that is unique in the world. Over fifty prototypes, thousands of working hours and dozens of people were necessary to implement production processes that provide you with the most secure, water-resistant, functional and stylish backpack in the world.

Today, we are proud to state that the mission is accomplished.

What do the impact and absorption tests say? Has the back protection panel proven itself?

The ERODE protective backpack was given to the TÜV test laboratory. The laboratory is known internationally for the certification of FR EN1621-2 back protectors.

Results of the first mechanical tests showed unprecedented performances in terms of absorption, abrasion, perforation resistance and energy diffusion.

We measured an average absorption rate under 2kN of residual force at the time of impact. Current standards require results under 18kN for Level 1 and 9 kN for Level 2. Scientific studies show that the maximum threshold for spinal fracture is 4 kN.

How is the ERODE backpack different from ordinary backpacks and other backpacks with hard shells?

 The ERODE backpack has several points of differentiation:

·  We chose materials that are known for their resistance and mechanical properties.

·  The hard shell of our backpack acts as a shield, and the back panels as shock absorbers. Together, they protect your back from potential obstacles and from the content of the bag in case of a fall.

·   Because the hard shell is assembled away from the back panels – thanks to STANLEY® rivets- it never actually touches your back (whether you are a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or moped rider).

·  This conceptual design brings a security level that is higher than the requirements of current standards. 

I already own a motorcycle back protector. What’s the difference with a ERODE protective backpack?

The back protection on our ERODE® backpack is more optimized and more efficient than any other on the market.

Thanks to ERODE you can hit the road with your backpack like usual, but with a peaceful state of mind: you won’t be exposed to the dangers or ergonomic constraints of carrying a non-protective backpack, as those can worsen the physical damages in case of a fall or slip.

What other protective gear may I use when carrying the backpack?

If your jacket has an integrated shell, it is compatible with the ERODE backpack as it is with any other backpack.

If you use an external shell in addition to the jacket, we do not recommend wearing it with the ERODE backpack. It could indeed prevent the bag from being properly placed on your back and it could alter your comfort.

If you wear an inflatable vest, it is incompatible with any backpack including the ERODE one. The French Road Safety Council states: “It is strongly recommended not to wear a backpack with this technology: in case of inflation, the backpack would prevent the system from correctly inflating and the protection would be ineffective”.

In case of a fall while on a motorcycle, how does the backpack protect me? Does it protect me from the content of the bag too?

The combination of the protective panel and the lumbar pads allow the bag to limit the transmission of the impact force to the spine in case of a fall. It also protects the spine from the content of the bag. Because the hard shell is mounted on the two protective back panels, it never actually touches your back, even in case of a fall.

 Is the content of the bag protected?

In case of a fall, the content of your Blackout bag will be protected thanks to the bag’s shock absorption capacities. It will also be protected from the weather as our bag is completely water-resistant.

Is the ERODE bag compatible with duo travelling?

It will depend on the dimensions of the motorcycle. Our bag is only 19-cm deep, which is equivalent to the average depth of most backpacks.

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