Protéger sa colonne vertébrale en cas d'accident

Protect your spine in case of an accident

The protective performance of a backpack is the result of a complex built that combines sturdiness and shock absorption. The hard shell made of polycarbonate -the same material used for motorcycle helmets - is combined with an ingeniously structured geometry, which protects from perforation, minimizes impact and dissipates the impact force around your back.

Se protéger de ce que l'on transporte

Protect yourself from what you carry

In addition to the dorsal shell, the honeycomb plate also plays a role in shock absorption. It is known for its mechanical properties when facing strong compression: thanks to its micro-sized holes that are spread throughout your back surface, the dorsal shell catches and dissipates any residual energy.

Last but not least, high-density foam pads are strategically placed on the back of the dorsal panel so that energy is re-routed to the strongest body parts: pelvis and shoulder blades.


Devenir plus mobile

Become more mobile

We have replaced the traditional backpack’s inner compartment by a removable tote bag that you can use on any occasion. 

Two versions answer the needs and styles of everyone,  professionals and enthusiasts. 

The Minimal version puts an emphasis on versatility and efficiency. It is ideal for everyday city outings and week-end road trips. 

The Smart version is better suited for workday requirements and long walks. It offers a more complete layout that is also water-resistant. Thanks to various accessories, carrying the bag is easier and your fragile objects are secure.

Toujours plus de possibilités

More possibilities, always

Two magnetic pouches can be attached to both sides of the waist belt. You can store all your daily small belongings that you need to keep handy. Like all ERODE® products’ functionalities, BLACKOUT pouches can be clipped and unclipped in 2 seconds, even with gloves even with gloves.