Discover Erode

Un quatuor de choc

The great quatuor

We actually don’t make music, even though we love getting our inspiration from it. However, just like musicians, we thrive on harmony and rhythm.

Compelled by our common passions, we form a source of energy that allows us to imagine and create the best for all riders that are driven by their liberty spirit. Just like what builds our world and makes it a vibrant place, the ambivalence of our emotions drives us and shapes our creations.

· The love for nature VS the excitement of big cities

· The feeling of escape on two wheels VS the feeling of human encounters

· Design introversion VS engineering extraversion

· Arts illusion VS scientific rationality

In a nutshell, we are a cohesive team that finds strength in each of us in order to create a true synergy which, we hope, will continue to grow.

Qui sommes nous ?

Who are we?

Erode is a start-up that was born in 2016 when Julien Guéry, its founder and now president, joined the official business incubator of the Lille 1 University of Science and Technology: Cré’Innov. For over two years, his attachment to the local economy and values made him grow a network of over fifty French-only partners. His partners enabled him to develop and test a first prototype whose potential and protective performance exceeded the requirements of current standards. This backpack, with its minimalist and avant-garde design, turned out to be the perfect alternative to ordinary back protection and to classic backpacks that are dangerous on two wheels.

In 2018, Julien first joins the Hainaut Entrepreneurs Network, then the Transalley technology hub which specializes in innovative mobility. The project appeals to institutional players and professionals of the innovation and start-up world. Julien wins First Prize in the “Start-ups” category of the Start Up in Motion competition. This reward consolidates the project’s potential and reinforces Julien’s ambitions and perspectives.

The first months are mostly dedicated to R&D and to the industrialization of ERODE’s innovative backpack; in November 2019, Julien officially launches the brand. The start-up is now based in Valenciennes and specializes in the conception, development, production and distribution of the world’s most efficient and protective backpack.